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Data Transfer

Professional Data Transfer​​

There are many reasons that you may need to transfer data from one iPhone or iPad to another and Custom iPhones can offer you a professional backup solution performed by one of our repair specialists.

You may want to backup or transfer data from one device to another as a precaution in case your iPhone or iPad is ever damaged, lost or stolen. With us you can transfer your data to a backup device such as a USB or to a cloud storage location with iCloud.

If you just purchased a new iPhone or iPad you may need to import all of your important information and data to your new device.

In some cases when repairing your device it may cost more than the purchasing price and our repair specialists may recommend a refurbished device. If this is the case our repair specialists may also let you know if they can backup and transfer the data to a backup device or to a cloud storage location for you.

Why Would I Need My Data Transferred

You may need to backup or transfer your data for the following reasons:

1. You have purchased a new iPhone or iPad and want to transfer your old data across.

2. You may want an extra copy of your device data for peace of mind.

3. You may want to backup your device to iCloud or another cloud storage location.

4. Your device has been damaged and your data needs to be transferred to a refurbished device.

Data Transfer Options

There are three main options to help you transfer or backup your data.

1. You can backup or transfer the data to your new iPhone or iPad with Quick Start.

2. You can backup or transfer your data using iTunes or with iCloud backup.

3. One of our repair specialists can help you with our professional data backup or data transfer solution.

Professional Data Transfer Services

While many independent phone shops exist that offer services that may help, our customers often prefer our professional backup and data transfer service performed by our experienced repair specialists. Your data is valuable and precious, so the extra assurance you get from our trained repair specialists can give you peace of mind.

Our stores offer walk-in service, so we can perform the data transfer while you wait or shop just contact us today to book an appointment.