Repair Warranty

6 Month Repair Warranty

Most iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro and Apple Watch repairs come with a 6 Month repair warranty. In the rare event that a part we have used fails within this timeframe you have the option of having the part repaired or replaced for the cost of the replacement part.


For your device to be eligible for our 6 Month Repair Warranty you are required to provide the following information:

  1. Personal information i.e., full name, phone number, email address, mail address etc.
  2. Device information i.e., Serial Number, IMEI, Model Number and if applicable device passcode.

When is my device not covered under the 6 Month Repair Warranty?

  1. Have been damaged either accidentally or wilfully.
  2. Have been repaired, opened, or diagnosed by any third parties.
  3. Motherboard or liquid damage repair work is not covered under the Repair Warranty.
  4. We cannot offer the Repair Warranty on devices where we could not test the device either before or after repair.
  5. The Repair Warranty is not offered on parts or components that are not directly related to the work carried out on the device.

Once you pay for the repair and accept the return of your device you acknowledge that the device has been received in fully functional and working condition.

Standard Warranty

Some repairs are excluded from our 6 Month repair warranty. In this case they may be eligible to be covered by our 30 Day warranty unless otherwise stated in writing or verbally by our staff.

All warranty claims are subject to approval by the Custom iPhones staff.

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service at any time.

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