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Keep your data private when recycling your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or other Apple device with us and learn more about electronics recycling.

Recycle Your Old Device

We all rely heavily on electronic devices to stay connected and be productive. But when you no longer need your product or have upgraded, what should you do with it? The best option is to have them recycled, and if you have old and obsolete products that you longer use, we can help.

Why Recycle With Us?

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Help Reduce Waste

Recycling your old devices not only helps to reduce waste and clutter in your home, but it can also help conserve natural resources. By reclaiming the materials used to manufacture products you use, you can help reduce the demand for new, raw materials and the energy required to extract and process them.

We'll Keep Your Data Private

Before we recycle your product we’ll help you remove any personal and private data from the device. This is an important step to protect your privacy and security. We’ll also assist you in signing out of iCloud and removing your device from Find My if it is still connected to properly remove any data that might link your device to you. Removing this data can help stop potential scams.

iPhone 13 Face ID Disassembly

What Happens To Li-Ion Batteries?

Spent lithium-ion batteries can be processed using Pyrometallurgical and Hydrometallurgical methods to efficiently recover nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese, and even lithium. This can help reduce waste, as 95% of the components in lithium-ion batteries can be recycled and used in new batteries or other industries.

How We Process Your Device

iPhone Recycling Robot Disassembling Device At Recycling Facility.

Automated Recycling Robot Disassembling An iPhone At A Recycling Facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can recycle any old, damaged or no longer used Apple products with our team in-store. These include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod, Apple TV and other Apple devices. We also accept other electronics such as PC’s, Laptops, and Android devices.

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to recycle your old products with us. We have an easy to follow process in place to help securely erase and remove any personal data from your device before it is recycled.

When your old device is ready to be recycled we have a set process in how we recycle it. First we remove any data from the device, then we’ll send it to our recycling partners for recycling. Devices here are dismantled and separated into various components for specialised processing. There are specialised facilities built just for plastics, metals, rare-earth metals, and li-ion battery recycling.

The materials used to create your device are repurposed for use in new products or in other industries. By reusing these materials we help reduce the demand for new, raw materials and the energy thats required to extract and process them.

There is no charge for you to recycle your old or unused devices with our team in-store. If you require our team to come to you to pick up multiple devices or a heavy device, such as an Apple Display or an iMac, please contact us.

To keep your data private and secure we’ll help sign you out of iCloud and remove your device from Find My. If your device is still connected to your Apple ID, iCloud or Find My, this data may be used to link your device to you and removing this data can help stop potential scams.

We're Here To Help!

Encountering an issue with your product or in need of a different repair? Our team is ready to assist you, whether online or via a phone call. Reach out to us now!