Switch Your iPad Volume Buttons When In Landscape Or Portrait Mode

Switch Your iPad Volume Buttons When In Landscape or Portrait Mode

Apple’s newest update brings users a simple ability many iPad users have been asking for. That is the option to set your iPad volume buttons to change when you are holding the device in landscape or portrait mode.

Dynamic iPad Volume Buttons

Throughout the years iPad users complained that the volume buttons didn’t switch which button made the volume louder or quieter when the iPad orientation was changed between landscape or portrait mode. The buttons when is portrait or landscape mode were always fixed where the top button would increase volume and the lower button would lower the volume and this still remains the default.

But now you have the option to change how the buttons react based on how you hold your iPad. Once you change the setting in Sounds the volume buttons match the orientation of the volume indicator bar that appears when you press the volume buttons. This setting makes changing volume buttons to be more intuitive to iPad users.

If you are a long time iPad user you may be used to the old way and Apple doesn’t force you to change how it works. If you, like others do want to change how volume buttons work, here’s how.

Volume Indicator Bar

How To Change To A More Intuitive Experience

Changing the volume buttons to what you want is as easy as toggling a switch in your device Settings. But the setting may be hard to find and you will not likely find it easily.

On your iPad, go to Settings > Sounds and then at the bottom of the screen you will see Fixed Position Volume Controls option. It is on by default as some users may not want to change this setting. Apple states, “When enabled, the volume up and down buttons will remain in a fixed position. When off, the buttons will dynamically change depending on the orientation of your iPad.”

If You Can’t Change The Option

If you’re unable to change the Fixed Position Volume Controls option here are some possible reasons.

Your device may not support this option. Apple says this option is only available for the iPad (5th Gen and newer), iPad mini (4th Gen and newer), iPad Air (4th Gen and newer) and any iPad Pro. If you have an older iPad you wont be able to change this setting.

If your device is supported then you will need to make sure your iPad is updated to the latest iPadOS as the Volume Controls adjustment was released on iPadOS 15.4.

If you need help with setting Dynamic Volume Controls or want your broken iPad repaired then get in touch with our team today. Contact us here.

Fixed Position Volume Controls Button In Settings

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