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No Backlight On Your MacBook Pro

No Backlight On Your MacBook Pro

If your 13" MacBook Pro display has a faulty display due to a backlight issue. Learn what the cause is how it can be fixed.

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What Is No Backlight On My MacBook?

If your 13″ MacBook Pro display has stage light effects, or your display stops working beyond a certain angle your device may have faulty display due to a backlight issue. Learn what the cause is and how it can be fixed.

These displays may fail to work due to a fault where the display backlight cables are damaged over time through repeated opening and closing of the display enclosure.

Affected MacBook Pro Models

This design flaw affects MacBook Pro 13″ and MacBook Pro 15″ models sold between October 2016 and February 2018. The device model number for these models are the following:

  • MacBook Pro 13″ (Late 2016 – Mid 2017) A1706
  • MacBook Pro 13″ (Late 2016 – Mid 2017) A1708
  • MacBook Pro 15″ (Late 2016 – Mid 2017) A1707

In 2018 Apple made a minor change to the display assembly to circumvent this issue, but a small number of MacBook Pro 13″ models manufactured between 2018 and 2019 may still suffer from this issue.

What Are The Symptoms?

There are four main symptoms of a display issue on your MacBook Pro 13″ or MacBook Pro 15″. These are:

  1. The display backlight continously or intermittently shows vertical bright areas along the entire bottom of the screen,
  2. the display stops working past a certain angle,
  3. complete backlight failure, this can be verified if a light is shone at the display and the display is seen still working,
  4. Display works intermittently and shows graphic glitches such as negative colours or patches of bright colours.
MacBook Pro 13″ With Faulty Display Showing Patch Of Bright Colours

Can It Be Fixed?

If your MacBook Pro has a backlight or other display issue it can be repaired with a new screen or display replacement. The display cannot be replaced as it is integrated into the screen assembly. 

Depending on the damage to the display and backlight cables we may be able to repair the cables or you can contact our Repair Specialists to book a MacBook display replacement.

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