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Unlock Faster Mac Performance With These Pro Shortcuts

Unlock Faster Mac Performance With These Pro Shortcuts

Discover key Mac shortcuts to boost your productivity. Learn essential commands for everyday use, work, and more! This guide covers everything you need!

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Mastering Mac Shortcuts For Faster Performance

Mastering shortcuts on your Mac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re navigating through files, editing documents, or managing your digital workspace, knowing the right shortcuts can save you time and effort. This article outlines 25 essential shortcuts across five categories, each designed to streamline your interactions and make the most of your Mac.

Basic Navigation

Mastering basic navigation shortcuts is the number one key to boosting productivity on a Mac. Quickly switching between applications, accessing Spotlight Search, and managing window visibility can help significantly to speed up your workflow. These intuitive navigation tools make day-to-day interactions with your iMac, Mac mini, or other Mac both faster and more efficient.

  1. Command + Tab – This shortcut allows you to switch quickly between open applications. It’s essential for multitasking and managing multiple windows effortlessly.
  2. Command + Space – This activates Spotlight Search, enabling you to search applications, documents, and files on your computer. It’s a faster alternative to browsing through folders, Launchpad, or Finder.
  3. Command + Option + D – This handy shortcut shows or hides the Dock from view, providing more screen space and less distraction when you need it.
  4. Command + ` – Use this to cycle through windows of the current application, which is perfect for managing several open documents or browser windows.
  5. Command + W – Quickly close the window you are currently using without affecting other windows or applications.
University Student Writing On MacBook Air 13-inch
University Student Writing On MacBook Air 13-inch

Text Editing

For those heavily involved in writing, programming, or text editing, these shortcuts will streamline the process of copying, cutting, and pasting text, as well as undoing and redoing actions. These functions enhance the speed and accuracy of text manipulation, making them essential for writers and editors alike.

  1. Command + C – Copy selected text or item. It’s fundamental for duplicating text quickly without retyping.
  2. Command + V – Paste the copied item. This is used in tandem with the copy function and is crucial for efficient data transfer between documents.
  3. Command + X – Cut selected text or item. This removes the text from the original location and is ready to be pasted elsewhere.
  4. Command + Z – Undo the last action. This is vital for quickly correcting mistakes without disrupting your workflow.
  5. Command + Shift + Z – Redo an action, especially useful if you change your mind after using undo.

Shortcuts In Finder

Effective file management shortcuts are crucial for keeping Finder and all your files organised. They help to open new windows, move files to the trash, and search for specific files without manual browsing, improving productivity and file navigation. These shortcuts also work in other Apps as well.

  1. Command + N – Open a new window in Finder. It’s the starting point for all file navigation tasks.
  2. Command + T – Open a new tab in Finder. This allows you to manage multiple folders at once without opening new windows.
  3. Command + Delete – Move selected items to the Trash. This is a quick way to declutter your workspace.
  4. Command + Shift + N – Create a new folder. Essential for organising files and keeping your desktop tidy.
  5. Command + F – Initiate a search in Finder. Quickly find files without manually browsing through directories.

Screenshot and Screen Recording

Mac shortcuts will simplify the process of capturing and recording screen activity, whether it’s taking screenshots of the entire screen, a specific area, or recording anything you need. These tools are essential for users who need to document or share what is on their screen.

  1. Command + Shift + 3 – Take a screenshot of the entire screen. Useful for capturing everything visible on your display at once.
  2. Command + Shift + 4 – Take a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen. Allows for more targeted captures without the need for cropping.
  3. Command + Shift + 5 – Brings up the screen capture toolbar. From here, you can choose to capture the entire screen, a selected window, or record your screen.
  4. Command + Shift + 6 – Capture the Touch Bar (if available on your MacBook Pro). This is useful for developers or anyone who uses the Touch Bar.
  5. Command + Control + Shift + 3/4 – Copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of saving it. Great for quickly pasting captures into documents or emails..
MacBook Pro 16 with M3 chip Closeup Of Touch ID
MacBook Pro 16 with M3 chip Closeup Of Touch ID

Advanced Commands

If you’re looking for more advanced shortcuts to elevate your productivity and have greater control over your Mac, these shortcuts can help. They include managing unresponsive apps, quickly logging out, and accessing detailed file information. These commands can help your efficiency by simplifying complex tasks and providing quick solutions to common problems.

  1. Command + Option + Esc – Open the Force Quit Applications window. This is crucial for shutting down non-responsive applications without restarting your computer.
  2. Command + Shift + Option + Q – Log out of your user account immediately, without confirmation. It’s a fast exit when time is critical.
  3. Command + Option + I – Get info on a selected file or application. This is particularly useful for quickly checking file properties and permissions.
  4. Command + Shift + G – Go to a specific folder in Finder. This shortcut is a time-saver for accessing deep directory paths without clicking through folders.
  5. Command + R – Refresh or reload a page in your browser or Finder. It helps ensure you’re viewing the most current information.


By integrating these Mac shortcuts into your daily use, you can enhance your productivity and enjoy a smoother and quicker user experience. Whether you’re a professional looking to optimise your workflow or a casual user interested in better managing your Mac or MacBook quickly, these shortcuts are essential for you.

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