If Face ID Isn’t Working On Your iPhone

If Face ID Isn't Working On Your iPhone

If you need help using Face ID to unlock your iPhone, sign in to apps or if you’re asked to enter your passcode, find out what to do.

Make sure that your iPhone supports Face ID. iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models all support Face ID. If you’re still having issues then follow these steps or contact us.

Check For Updates And Update Your iPhone

You can check your Face ID settings in Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Make sure that Face ID is functioning correctly, check Face ID is set up and the features you’re trying to use Face ID with are turned on.

Check The Front Facing Camera Is Working

Check that the front facing camera on your iPhone isn’t covered with a case or a screen protector that’s blocking or blurring its view. Also check if there is debris or dirt covering the camera.

Make Sure That Face ID Can See You

Make sure that your eyes, nose and mouth are fully visible to the camera as Face ID may not work if anything is being covered. Face ID does in most cases work with sunglasses but some sunglasses block certain types of light which may cause issues with Face ID.

With iOS 15.4 and later, you can use Face ID while wearing a mask with iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 models.

Face ID only works in portrait orientation and when you’re facing the camera. The front facing camera has a similar range of view as when you take a selfie so make sure that you’re holding it in a normal position and see that its 25 – 50 cm from your face.

Unlock Your iPhone Like How You Take A Selfie

Restart Your iPhone Or Reset Face ID

You may need to restart your iPhone and enter your passcode. Then try using Face ID again and see if that solves the issue.

If it still doesn’t fix the issue then reset Face ID, then set it up again. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and tap Reset Face ID. Next tap Set up Face ID to set it up again.

Get Your iPhone Diagnosed and Serviced

If Face ID is still not working, take your device in-store to us and have our repair specialists diagnose your iPhone or contact us here.

If your screen, earpiece speaker or front facing camera assembly has been repaired or replaced by a third party Face ID may have been made inoperable. Our repair specialists will be able to look at the device for you and give you options to fix or repair the issue.

iPhone 13 Face ID And Front Facing Camera Assembly.

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