Visit Us In-Store With A Beam Scooter

Get To Our Canberra Store With A Beam Scooter!

Ride an electric scooter into the city and to our Canberra store with Beam and get $3.00 of free ride credits with our referral code QxQHP. You can also set up group rides in the app or give your friends our referral code so they can also get $3.00 in free credits to use on their first ride.

When parking your Beam scooter you can do so in parking zones to get a $0.50 parking reward, like out the front of our Canberra store on Bunda Street! If you need your iPhone X or newer screen replaced and ride a Beam scooter to our store you can receive a free glass screen protector valued at $20!

Download the Beam app here and read on about how to ride.

How To Beam

  1. Find A Beam Scooter: You can download the Beam app on the AppStore to see where your nearest Beam can be found.
  2. Get Ready: Scan the QR code on the handle bars.
  3. Get Set: Pull the scooters kickstand up and place both feet on the board.
  4. To Start: Push off to get it moving, then press the “GO” button to start riding.
  5. To Slow Down: Just pull firmly on the brake lever on the handlebars.

And off you go, you’re on your way with Beam. Remember to keep safe while riding, wear your helmet and remember to give priority to pedestrians. Make sure to use our code QxQHP on your first ride too!

Beam E-Scooter In Action

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