Battery Calibration After A Battery Service

Battery Calibration

If you have just had your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch battery serviced or replaced with us then we may recommend calibrating your battery.

Although manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries disagree and say that Li-ion is ready at birth and doesn’t need any calibration many users reported some capacity gains by cycling a newly installed or long stored battery.

Calibrting or priming the battery can help your system get an accurate reading on the battery’s state of charge. Without calibration, the battery percentage reading can be incorrect, and your device may behave oddly — such as shutting down suddenly even though the new battery ‘reads’ 50%, or working for hours when the battery ‘reads’ nearly dead.

How To Calibrate Your Battery

If one of our repair technicians does ask you to calibrate the battery it can be done in three easy steps. This relates to all iPhones, iPad models and Apple Watches.

  1. Charge it to 100% and keep charging it for at least 2 more hours.
  2. Use your device until it shuts off due to low battery.
  3. Charge it uninterrupted to 100%.
And you’re done, you can now continue to use and charge your device however you please. 

How Long Should My Battery Last?

Depending on how you use your iPhone, an original or replacement battery will typically be “like new” for about 2 years. After this time — or once your battery health shows less than 80% we recommend having it serviced.

iPad batteries are considered to be “like new” for about 3 years but if you use it everyday it may need to be serviced now or in the near future. As iPad batteries don’t currently show any Battery health settings you can bring it to us and one of our repair specialists will be able to test your battery and let you know its health and if it needs to be replaced.

iPad Battery Replacement

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