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Fast and efficient repairs for any MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or other Mac issue you’re facing. From cracked and broken displays to battery replacements and liquid damage, our expert team are here to fix and repair your Mac.

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Schedule your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or other Mac repair with us today. Not sure which repair your device needs? Our Repair Specialists are here to help.

Mac Repair Options

Explore repair options and services for your MacBook or other Mac. If the service you require isn’t listed, please contact us for assistance.

Display Replacement

Broken your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro display? Our team can replace your cracked or damaged MacBook display with a high-quality replacement screen.
MacBook Pro 13 A1708 Display Cables

Battery Service

Replace your old, not working or “Service” battery with a MacBook battery service and replacement. Contact us today and we’ll help you book an appointment.

Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid spills and accidents can happen, and unfortunately, it can cause serious damage to your Mac or MacBook. Our team offer full liquid damage repairs.

Other Mac Repairs

MacBook Pro 2020 Bottom Case Removal

Enclosure Damage

If you have dropped your Mac, or the Top Case or Bottom Case otherwise known as the enclosure of your Mac is damaged, our team can help replace it.

MacBook Air Trackpad Replacement

Trackpad Damage

If your Trackpad has stopped working, has been damaged, or is cracked then your Trackpad may need to be replaced. Contact our team for a Trackpad Replacement.

MacBook Air 13" A2337 Touch ID

keyboard Service

If your Keyboard, Touch Bar, or Touch ID button stops working, doesn’t move, or becomes damaged, reach out now and our team of Specialists will help.


If your Mac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is overheating then it may need a service, new thermal paste or a replacement battery. Reach out to our team now.

Data Recovery

If your Mac has been damaged beyond repair then our team can help retrieve your data. We’ll be able to recover lost data from your damaged, non-functional Mac.

Other Repairs

Have an issue with your Mac that’s not priced online? Contact our team by email or phone and we’ll diagnose your product and let you know what needs to be repaired.

Need A Repair Estimate For Your Mac?

Our team is able to assess and provide accurate estimates for your damaged Mac, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. Complete the hassle-free form and we’ll provide you with a quick estimate.

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