Liquid Damage Repairs

Liquid Damage Repairs

Did you drop your iPhone in water or spill your coffee on it and now its not working? You may need to bring your device in for us to repair.

Below we’ll give you a rundown of what we’ll do to fix your device and what you can do to help and stop it from happening again in the future.

What Causes Liquid Damage

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Some include:

1. Spilling your drink on your device.

2. Dropping your iPhone in the pool, hot tub, bath or ocean.

3. Even humidity and steam can damage your device.

Checking For Liquid Damage

Checking if your iPhone has water or liquid damage is very easy. There will be a little tab on the inside of your device where the sim card tray is. 

If the Liquid Contact Indicator or LCI is red or brown, then that means your iPhone may have liquid damage and you should take it to us for a diagnosis.

I’ve Just Dropped My Device in Water

If you’ve just dropped your device in water and want to know what to do. Follow these five easy steps:

What Causes Liquid Damage

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Some include:

1. Turn off your device immediately. This will lower the chance that your device will short circuit.

2. Take out your sim card tray as it may keep water or liquid inside the device.

3. Remove your case, as it could also be keeping the liquid inside.

4. Dry your iPhone with a dry cloth or towel. Make sure to dry the speakers, charging port, and sim tray.

5. Next, you’ll want to leave your device in a dry, warm place for it to air out. On the table or by a window is a good place.

Leave it to dry out for at least 24 – 48 hours. Now you can try to turn the device back on but try not to plug it in as this may short circuit your iPhone. You Can Also Take It into Us Just to Be Safe

Quick Tip: Putting Your iPhone In Rice Will Damage It Further And Its Best to Let Your Device Air Dry Or Bring It In To One Of Our Repair Specialists.

The Above Solutions Not Work?

If the above solutions didn’t work, then definitely get in contact with us so we can look at your device. We have certified technicians that are experts at fixing your device and we also have a repair warranty.

Common Liquid Damage Repairs We Receive

If your iPhone won’t turn on after water damage, there’s usually two main issues. Either your iPhone has short circuited or some of the components have been damaged.

Leaving your device like this may leave your device irreparable, contact us now.

If your iPhone won’t charge then it may be due to your charging port, especially if that was where liquid entered the phone.

In some cases, your iPhone battery may need to be replaced as well as it can stop your device from turning on.

We can fix these issues and you can view our general prices here. 

Your screen can be damaged by water very easily, you’ll be able to tell this if your device vibrates or you can hear sounds but can’t see anything.

If it doesn’t happen straight away your screen can still stop working even after a few months.

It may be best to get it fixed now. View our screen repair prices here.

Many times, your phone seems to work but a few things may be broken such as your speaker, cameras, wireless charger or your volume buttons.

If these parts aren’t replaced, then it may cause other issues to arise and can even short circuit the rest of your iPhone.

Book a repair here to get them fixed.

Have I Lost My Data?

Don’t have a recent backup of your device, then it may be difficult for us to restore your data. We understand how important it is to you and we will try our best to recover it.

If your iPhone is water damage and you want your data back then it will be worth it to have your device fixed with our repair specialists.

Where Can I Get It Fixed?

Many repair stores may offer you potential solutions to help try repair your device for a cheaper cost.

There are many independent phone shops that may help, but they may not offer a warranty and you may have to pay a high cost for a service that you can’t guarantee will work.

We suggest you contact us and let one of our certified repair specialists test your device and repair the issues. We also offer our repair warranty that covers our high-quality parts, so you know that your device has been repaired to a high standard.

What Will It Cost Me?

Apple does not cover water or other liquid damage under AppleCare+ or their warranty. They will charge you $89 to assess the damage and an excess of up to $1000 for a replacement device.

Custom iPhones charge $40 to assess your device and run our repair tests. Following this, one of our repair specialists will contact you as to what the issue is, whether it can be fixed and the pricing of the repair.

In some cases, repairing your device may cost more than the purchasing price and a refurbished device may be the best option.

It may take weeks or months but eventually the damage will cause your iPhone to break or some components to stop working. The best course of action you can take is to have it checked by our repair specialists as soon as possible.

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