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iPhone Data Recovery

Lost access to important data on your iPhone? Our team of Specialists can recover your data from your broken or damaged iPhone.

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Data Recovery

If your iPhone has been damaged beyond repair then our team of Repair Specialists can help retrieve your data. We’ll be able to recover lost data from your damaged, non-functional iPhone.

Retrieve Your Data

To recover the data from your iPhone you’ll just need to bring your iPhone to our store. We’ll confirm your details, the issue your device is experiencing then begin to retrieve your data.

Once data recovery has been completed, your data will be moved to a USB drive. You’ll receive a call from our Repair Specialist in-store and be able to pick up your data and pay your invoice.

iPhone 13 Pro A15 Logic Board

Data Recovery Costs

Standard Data Recovery costs start at $449 with a non-refundable deposit. Pricing for Data Recovery depends on the age of your iPhone, the extent of the damage and the techniques used. 

Apple doesn’t offer any recovery services to recover data from your damaged iPhone. If your iPhone is replaced under AppleCare+ or under warranty they won’t be able to transfer any previous device data if not saved on iCloud.

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More About iPhone Data Recovery

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What Data Can Your Recover?

Our team are able to recover data such as files, photos and other needed data from your broken iPhone.

What Is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery allows our specialised team to retrieve photos, files and other data from your damaged, non-functional iPhone.

Backing Up Data To iCloud

Do I Need To Recover Any Data?

If your iPhone has not been backed up to iCloud or a computer you may need to use Data Recovery to recover any lost data.

iPhone Data Recovery FAQ

The length of time it takes depends on many factors from what data you need, the age of the device and the complexity of the repairs needed to recover your data. Typical repair times can range from 1 – 7 days to retrieve your data.

You will not be able to back it up via iCloud or a computer once your iPhone has been damaged and is not functioning. If you don’t have a recent backup of your device then the only way to recover your data is through Data Recovery.

If you have iCloud Backup on or have a physical backup using a computer then you may have a recent copy of your data that you can set up on a new device. iCloud Backup data doesn’t include information already stored in iCloud such as Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Messages and iCloud Photos. Some data such as Mail, call history and files can also be stored in iCloud Drive.

Apple or the Apple Store won’t be able to recover your data stating “There is no way to recover any data that was on [your iPhone], including the photos, that was not already backed up.” 

Data Recovery is not guaranteed to recover data from your device. Custom iPhones offer no warranty on Data Recovery. Read more at

All fees are in Australian dollars and include GST. A shipping fee will be added if we need to ship your device. We’ll inspect your product when we receive it and confirm the service charges.

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