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iPhone Logic Board Repairs

Logic board issues can arise from physical damage, aging, overheating, and most commonly, liquid exposure. Our team can repair and restore your device’s functionality, ensuring it operates smoothly again.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Logic Board

Logic Board Repair

Board failure can be caused from physical damage, age, overheating and most commonly liquid damage. Our team can diagnose and repair your device in-store.

How We Repair Damaged Boards

When your iPhone is brought in-store our team will diagnose and examine your device to see what issue your iPhone is experiencing. If the Logic Board needs to be repaired we’ll give you an estimated repair quote and repair your device.

We’ll test your Board to see what components, chips or connectors are damaged and need to be replaced.

iPhone 13 Pro A15 Logic Board Repairs
iPhone 11 Pro wireless charging at 81%

Logic Board Repair Costs

We charge a $99 non-refundable to assess your iPhone and run repair tests. Following this, a Repair Specialist will contact you to confirm repair pricing.

Apple doesn’t cover Logic Board repairs under AppleCare+ or Limited Warranty. They will charge to assess the damage and also charge an excess of up to $2000 to replace the device.

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More About iPhone Logic Board Repair

iPhone 13 Pro A15 Logic Board

What Is A Logic Board?

Your iPhone Logic Board contains the CPU and most of the integrated circuit chips that control the operation of your iPhone.
iPhone 8 Display Damaged

How Does A Board Fail?

Board failure can be caused from physical damage, age, overheating and most commonly, liquid damage.

What Can It Fix?

Logic Board repair can fix many issues with your iPhone from Audio IC issues, CPU errors and Liquid Damage.

Logic Board Repair FAQ

If you dropped your iPhone or it’s suffered from liquid damage and now it won’t power on it may have physical component damage. Our team of Repair Specialists will run repair tests and complete a diagnostic in-store to see what needs to be repaired and the prices to fix the issue.

If your iPhone isn’t charging than the Power Management IC or other power connected chips may be damaged. Our team will be able to diagnose the exact issue and replace any faulty or water damaged parts.

If the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cellular signal has stopped working, your iPhone may have issues with your Logic Board. Our team can diagnose and repair your iPhone in-store.

When we run diagnostics and run repair tests on your device our team of Repair Specialists will be able to confirm if your iPhone has a Logic Board issue. Our team have also been trained to know common issues and common Logic Board failures with your iPhone.

The cost of fixing your iPhone at Apple is expensive as Apple don’t cover Logic Board damage under AppleCare+. This means they will charge you the cost of a replacement device, up to $2000.

Logic Board Repair is not guaranteed to repair your device or recover data. Custom iPhones offer no warranty on Logic Board Repairs. Read more at

All fees are in Australian dollars and include GST. A shipping fee will be added if we need to ship your device. We’ll inspect your product when we receive it and confirm the service charges.

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