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What Is System Preferences?

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What Is System Preferences?

System Preferences is a settings app on Apple’s macOS operating system that allows users to customise their computer’s settings. It includes options for adjusting display, sound, keyboard, mouse, network, and security settings, among others. Users can access System Preferences from the Apple menu or by using the Spotlight search feature.

System Preferences provides a user-friendly interface for managing a wide range of settings on macOS, making it easy for users to customise their computer experience. Users can adjust the appearance of their desktop, change their display resolution, set up printers and scanners, and manage their internet and Bluetooth connections, among other settings.

Additionally, System Preferences offers accessibility options, such as voiceover and zoom, to make it easier for users with disabilities to use their Mac. With the ability to personalise settings to fit their needs, users can optimise their productivity and efficiency while using their Mac.

System Preferences On macOS Ventura

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