Custom iPhones

Custom iPhones
For Education

We understand the challenges faced by childcares, schools, and universities. Our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the education sector.

Educational Institutions We Provide For

Custom iPhones For Education offers specialised services designed exclusively for educational institutions, covering childcare, schools, and universities.

Boy with iPad and Headphones


We integrate age-appropriate technology into childcare centres, prioritising learning and safety. Our consulting services guide providers in selecting the right tools, with support available for any technical needs.

High School iPad & MacBook


A trusted partner for both primary and secondary schools, offering solutions from procurement to classroom setups. Our repair services minimise disruptions, ensuring reliable access to technology.
University Student On iPhone In Front Of MacBook Air


In higher education, we support universities with progressive solutions. From consulting to product procurement, installations, and ongoing support, we enhance the learning and research environment.

Featured Services

IT Support On-Site & Online

Our dedicated IT support services are designed to help staff within the educational ecosystem. From troubleshooting to assistance with educational software, our team ensures that technology enhances the educational experience rather than hinders it.

Device Management

Take control of your educational technology environment with our device management solutions. We centralise control and monitoring, empowering educators, and administrators to manage device access, applications, and security settings efficiently.

More Services

MacBook Pro 16 with M3 chip

Student Device Programs

With many public and private schools as well as universities requiring students to bring their own device (BYOD) for learning, we’re committed to letting students learn with the latest technology. We specialise in creating initiatives that allow students to acquire Apple products at discounted rates, and ensuring seamless compatibility with education software to create an optimal learning experience.

Meeting And Training With MacBook And iPad

Workshop Programs & Training

Invest in the knowledge and capabilities of your educators and IT staff with our workshops and training sessions. We provide hands-on training in basic troubleshooting, empowering your staff to handle common issues independently. This not only helps reduce downtime but also fosters a more self-reliant and tech-savvy educational community.

MacBook Air Trackpad Replacement

Bulk Device Repairs

We understand the challenges faced by schools with a large number of Apple devices. Our discounted repair services help meet the needs of educational institutions, ensuring expedited repair processes to minimise disruptions to the learning environment. Trust us to keep your devices in optimal condition, maximising their lifespan and your investment.
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